2018 Yiddish Farm Eretz Goshen Matzo Shmura

Matzo products certified kosher for passover by Rabbi Yechiel Steinmetz of Monsey

All food products are certified organic by NOFA-NY.

2018 Pricing:
Organic Whole Wheat Matzo: $35.99/lb
Organic Whole Spelt Matzo: $39.99/lb
Organic Horseradish: $18/piece (Ships separately)
T-Shirts: $27.99/ea
Hagadah: $18/ea

Semi-Bulk Pricing (5-10 lbs)
Organic Whole Wheat Matzo: $33.99/lb
Organic Whole Spelt Matzo: $36.99/lb
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From seed, to harvest, to the bakery the entire process of making our matzos a reality is done under the strictest kashrus and organic supervision.

Our organic wheat and spelt is grown on our 225 acre organic farm in Goshen, NY where farmer Yisroel Bass even plows his fields l'shem matzos mitzvah, with the intention that the work he does year round is for the purpose of fulfilling the mitzvahs associating with eating matzo on Passover.

Yiddish Farm is a 501(c)3 non-profit that hosts educational farm tours for camps and schools as well as Yiddish classes throughout the summer. In addition to wheat, spelt and horseradish for Passover, we grow blueberries, tomatoes, pepper and potatoes.
Please Note:

For orders over 10lbs, please email Passover@yiddishfarm.org

Flour is yoshon and made from locally grown Yiddish Farm grain.

Grain is stone milled

There are between 6-7 matzos in a pound (box).

Horseradish is raw, not sauce. Grown in Goshen's famous black dirt.

Unless you note otherwise in the comments section, Matzo will begin shipping after Purim
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Would you like to order organic whole wheat matzo? The price is $35.99/lb, order 5-10 pounds for $33.99/lb *

How many pounds of organic whole wheat matzo would you like to order?  N.B. For orders over 10 pounds please email passover@yiddishfarm.org

Would you like to order organic whole spelt matzo? The price is $39.99. Bulk discount for 5-10 lbs is $36.99/lb *

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Would you like to order a classic Yiddish-Hebrew Hagadah reprinted by Yiddish Farm? ($18/ea) *

This is a classic 1928 hagadah that features rich illustrations and text in Hebrew and Yiddish.  N.B. While there is some instructions in English i.e. "The host points and the roasted bone..."  The actual text of the hagadah is NOT translated into English.  This reprint measures 8.5"x5.5" and is bound with a plastic coil.

How many hagodehs would you like to purchase? ($18/ea)

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You can choose to have matzos shipped to you at your cost or you can pick them up at one of several pick up locations.

Improvements have been made to packing: Pick-Up-Location Customers receive matzos in cake boxes or corrugated boxes (depending on availability) with matzos wrapped in virgin kraft paper.

Ship-To-Me Customers orders are sent in corrugated boxes are packed with bubble wrap.

All orders packed in 1 lb boxes
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Please note - if you have chosen the "ship to me" option, you will be contacted with shipping costs and invoiced.

Ship-To-Me matzos are packed in corrugated boxes with bubble wrap. Yiddish Farm Ship-To-Me orders are insured.  Matzo shipping begins after Purim and matzos are only shipped after shipping invoices (sent separately from this form) are paid.

While we did not receive any complaints of broken matzos last year, we still cannot guarantee that matzos will arrive intact, if your matzo arrive in unsatisfactory condition and we are notified more than 10 days before Passover we will do our best to ship you replacement matzos.

Horseradish: It is ship-to-me only (not available for pick-up). If you are a pick-up-location customer and you buy horseradish you will be invoiced separately for horseradish shipping. If you are a ship-to-me customer, your big horseradish will ship separately from your matzos and you may be invoiced separately depending how weather conditions impact harvest.
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!אַ זיסן פּסח

The Masbia Soup Kitchen is a great organization that provides hot, nutritious meals for hundreds of New Yorkers in desperate need of food.  

Masbia is hosting its second seder this year, and their director Alexander Rapaport told me that he would love for Yiddish Farm's Eretz Goshen Matzo Shmura to be on their seder table again this year.

That's where you come in.  We are so close to making this a reality.  Our goal is to raise at least $1,800 to sponsor a generous shipment of Yiddish Farm's matzos to Masbia.  We cannot make this happen without your support.  Since we currently do not own our own bakery we cannot make this shipment without your support!

Please click the link to make a contribution. Help us bring Yiddish Farm matzos to those in need.
Click Here To Donate Matzos To The Masbia Soup Kitchen
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